Wipo Common Regulations Under The Madrid Agreement

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Guide to the International Registration of Marks under the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol (2019) The Joint Regulations are renamed the Regulations of the Protocol, which indicate that the Protocol is the only treaty that regulates international applications and registrations under the Madrid System. Detailed information on the changes to the rules under the Protocol, administrative instructions and royalty rules can be found in Information Note No 1/2020. As of February 1, 2020, they will become the regulations of the Protocol to the Madrid Agreement on the International Registration of Marks (provisions of the Protocol). A special amendment is amended Rule 30 of the Regulations under the Protocol, which simplifies the renewal of international registrations. We begin this new year with amendments to the Common Rules under the Madrid Agreement on the International Registration of Marks and the Protocol to this Agreement (Common Rules). International registrations are valid for ten years and can be renewed directly with WIPO. The amendments to article 30 of the Regulations under the Protocol considerably simplify renewal. If a designated Party that has claimed an individual category fee provides in an additional declaration a change in the protected goods and services, the next annual fee for that Party shall be collected in accordance with that supplementary declaration. As a result, this results in changes in the Administrative Instructions and fee schedule . . . This guide guides applicants and holders of international trademark registrations through the different stages of the international registration process.

Therefore, point 4 of the MM11 renewal form and the corresponding option in e-Renewal are deleted because they are no longer needed. Item 4 was used to provide instructions for the renewal of the international registration for all goods and services relating to a part in which the mark was only partially protected. The new form MM11 will be available for download from 1 February 2020. Simplification means that holders of international registrations who have benefited from partial protection and against whom they seek redress will no longer have to pay individual fees for categories that are not protected at the time of renewal. Last year, we launched our new and improved e-renewal service in Madrid. The enhanced service, accessible exclusively through a WIPO account, provides a simpler, 100% online experience, with benefits such as greater clarity and instant tracking of international registration renewals. Send us your questions, comments or forms using the Contact Madrid service. .

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