When Do You Need An End User License Agreement

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EULA means an End User License Agreement (also known as a Software License Agreement (SLA) or End User Agreement for Licensed Applications). In general, an EULA is a legally binding agreement between the owner of a product (often software) and the end user – specifically, a contract between the licensor of a product and the licensee. Here are 5 main benefits that show why you really need an EULA with your software app, whether it`s a desktop app or a mobile app. An EULA is the agreement between a person who downloads software (the licensor or end user) and the developer. Compare it to Ubisoft`s terms of service – you`ll find that it has a broader scope and covers not only the software license, but the services as a whole: 5. An EULA may protect your right to terminate licenses or cease operations without effect. An end user license agreement often states that users can only run the app for personal, non-commercial reasons. Several companies have parodied this belief that users don`t read end-user license agreements by adding unusual clauses because they know that few users will ever read them. As an April Fool`s joke, Gamestation added a clause stating that users who placed an order on April 1, 2010, agreed to irrevocably donate their soul to the company, which 7,500 users agreed.

Although there is a checkbox to be exempted from the “immortal soul” clause, few users have ticked it and Gamestation has therefore concluded that 88% of its users have not read the agreement. [17] The PC Pitstop program included a clause in its end-user license agreement stating that anyone reading the clause and contacting the company would receive a financial reward, but it took four months and more than 3,000 software downloads before anyone collected it. [18] When installing version 4 of the Advanced Query Tool, Setup measured the time between the appearance and acceptance of end-user license agreements to calculate the average read speed. .

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