Uia Learning Agreement

دسته‌بندی نشده

De første 70% av stipendet utbetales vanligvis i oktober/mars, mens de resterende 30% utbetales etter avsluttet utvekslingsopphold. The Commission`s scope of action in the field of contract law covers legal and practical issues related to the design, negotiation, execution and application of all types of economic law contracts. Ved UiA bruker vi Online Learning Agreement (OLA) som signeres digitalt av tous les parter IIUM welcomes all international students to participate in our student exchange program in Malaysia. List of mobility programmes The Treaty Commission uses concrete examples of our practice as part of our very practical and practical approach to contract law issues. Abstract discussions are not for us! Only in this way will the members of our Commission be able to derive practical benefits from our meetings, meetings and presentations. a) Must be a full-time student of a recognized foreign university, public or private, b) The application must be submitted through the university c) Students must comply with the rules and regulations of the IIUM, including the dress code d) agree to be responsible for the costs incurred Make sure that you sign your OLA. Only when you have signed it will the coordinator of your home university be able to sign it. The signature field works best on the touchscreen, but you can also sign your OLA with a normal computer and needles/mice. Your home university will receive your OLA by e-mail from the Erasmus Scoreboard. If you have your own electronic system for learning agreements, you can contact dashboard@uni-foundation.eu to find out how to connect your system to this tool. . . .

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