To Have Memorandum Of Agreement

دسته‌بندی نشده

Not everyone agrees on the benefits of a statement of intent. During trade talks with a Chinese representative in Washington in April 2019, a reporter asked President Donald Trump how long he was waiting for the duration of declarations of intent between the United States and China. “I don`t like MOUs because they don`t mean anything,” the president replied. After some discussion, it was decided that any document resulting from the discussions would be referred to as a trade agreement and never as a memorandum of understanding. The purpose of a memorandum of understanding could be to signal the goodwill of both parties or to help them keep an overview of what they have agreed on. The Agreement may help to clarify the relationship between two organisations and to specify the services for which each is responsible in the Community. Termination clauses may also contain an explanation of what will happen to the remaining money if the contract is cancelled prematurely. This is usually non-performance of contractual terms, poor recklessness of money, inability or non-payment on the part of the funder and similar circumstances that would prevent the execution of the agreement. . . .

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