Mol Excess Hours Agreement

There are exceptional circumstances in which a worker may be required to work or to work during a necessary rest period below the daily or weekly working time limits. In such cases, working time limitations may be exceeded or rest periods reduced, but only to the extent that it is necessary to avoid serious harm to the normal work of the employer`s undertaking or undertaking. For more information, see Exceptional situations. Most other requirements for overtime funding agreements are maintained. For example, agreements must have an expiry date that does not exceed two years after the start date for non-unionized workers and no later than the day a subsequent collective agreement comes into effect for unionized workers. In addition, workers cannot allow an existing agreement to take place without the employer`s agreement. Overtime transfer agreements entered into before April 3, 2019 with the agreement of the Director remain valid and in effect until the authorization is withdrawn or expires. As has already been said, the fact that the MoL work unit is paying more attention to overtime demands and average overtime is changing. And while the government didn`t explicitly state that it was because it harbored a lot of dubious or ineligible requests, if it wasn`t, then there would be absolutely no reason to recommend, accept, or announce. This means that the unions that currently represent workers in these institutions employed in the construction industry lose their rights of representation vis-à-vis these workers.


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