Agreement Of Bayana

. ۱۰۱, ۱۰۲, ۲۰۲, ۳۰۱, ۴۰۲ and 501, while the complainant agreed to purchase housing No. 101 from counterparties under the Bayana agreement of 28-09-2012, and at that time. the counterparties deceived and incited the complainant by misrepresenting that it was exempt from any burden and by executing a bayana agreement that amounts to a lack of services. Owner, until the date of completion of the construction of the dwellings and handing over of the ownership of the apartments, to the owners. Ex.A-2 is a photocopy of Bayana`s sales agreement of 28-09-2012. It depends on the sales activity, if it is the terms of the contract If you are dealing with an agent registered with the company in which a property is located, the details of the contract are written on the agent`s header. This includes information about the money from the tokens, the name of the buyer, the land number, the name, size and price of the property and the schedule in which the buyer must make the remaining payment. Well, the next question you may ask yourself is whether the money from the tokens is refundable or not? If you still have little land, you can go to the town hall and sell the land to anyone who wants it.

The validity of such an agreement is not valid in the eyes of the law and they do not have the right to retain your property. Who has the right to transfer property? The answer is simple. If you are old enough to have a National Identity Card (CNIC) – 18 years and older. There are also different laws for buying and selling real estate in Pakistan. We will now discuss in detail the concepts of Jeken Money and Bayana. Process: The estimated time to pay the Bayana is usually one week after the token money has been offered. In this case, token money refers to the small amount paid to the home seller as an indication of the serious intention to buy the property from them. Several conditions are set out in the agreement for the reference of both parties. The conditions include the time of transfer of ownership and the payment of the balance, which is often between 10 and 30 days, but can vary. If the buyer is able to purchase this property within a week or two, the confirmed token also acts as Bayana. The confirmed token is usually a higher amount than the conditional token and smaller than the Bayana. Once the amount of tokens is paid, Bayana is the next step.

It`s like token money, except it`s officially written and signed. If a buyer does not withdraw from a store, he cannot claim to recover Jeken/Bayana. . in the Bayana receipt issued on 28 December 2006″; (iii) that at the time of the agreement for the sale of one of its directors, the defendant informed the applicants that the land had not changed. The sales agreement before the receipt of the Bayana, but an examination of the Bayana receipt does not show such a prior oral agreement; (v) the applicants in the legal notice of 20 March 2007 of. they stated that after Bayana`s receipt of 28 December 2006, the sale agreement of 5 January 2007 had been concluded between the parties and that the sale agreement was in possession. . . .

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