Agreement Between Alonso And Antonio

The relationship between these characters remains the same throughout the play. In the 3rd act, Miranda finds her loyalty shared between her father and Ferdinand, the man she promised to marry. She visits Ferdinand and tells him his name, even though her father told her not to. Prospero is very clear that Ferdinand and Miranda should not sleep together before being married. Look for the warnings he gives them directly and through the conversation between Ceres and Iris. Why do you think it`s so important to him? In Act 2, we`ll learn more about the other people who landed on the island after the recent storm. We will know more about the relations between the nobles and meet two drunk servants who make an alliance with Caliban. What do you think are the most important moments of this act to help us understand more about the characters? The show that shows the spirits reflects a fashion in Shakespeare`s era for masks – elaborate theatrical presentations. What images are proposed in the conversations between goddesses and how do you think these images could be used in the design of this scene? Act 5 is important because it brings all the characters together and offers a kind of reconciliation between them. Think about how each character will react to the reconciliation that Prospero has organized and what you think will happen if they return to Naples. On this page, students can organize the characters on the screen and show the connections between the characters and their relationships. They can then print them on the page button and label them with their own quotes. Note as described by Prospero Caliban.

Think about how this scene develops your ideas about the relationship between Caliban and Prospero. What do you think happens next for Caliban? Stephano is greedy and thinks he can make money by selling Caliban. Stephano is ready to kill Prospero until he is distracted. In the 5th act, Prospero Caliban calls “mein”. This could mean that Caliban is a slave he owns, or that he might realize that he played a role in Caliban`s behavior. When Ferdinand is more in love with Miranda in the 3rd act, he thinks less about his father. He sadly accepts that his father is dead and looks forward to his life with Miranda. .

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