Adapting Watercourse Agreements To Developments In International Law

The United Nations Convention on the Right to the Non-Maritime Use of International Watercourses (United Nations Watercourse Convention) recommends that States adapt and adapt their water-borne agreements to the provisions of the United Nations Watercourse Convention. In order to examine the benefits of compliance with international water, environmental and climate change legislation, this monograph analyses the main hydroelectric contract in the South American region, the Treaty of Itaipu. The monograph will argue that the adaptation of water agreements to developments in international law offers an opportunity to promote sustainable development for contracting parties, countries sharing the aquatic ecosystem and the international community as a whole. As a case study, the author focuses on the main hydroelectric agreement in the South American region and studies its implementation, as well as state practices with regard to the non-maritime use of waterways and their obligations to protect the environment. The analysis provides a unique opportunity to assess the value of the UN Watercourse Convention and to recommend that States adapt their agreements to the provisions of the Convention in order to promote the equitable and appropriate use of watercourses. The book will be of interest not only to contractors, but also to riparian States and the international community as a whole. In Adapting Watercourse Agreements to Developments in International Law: The Case of the Itaipu Treaty Donne Maria A. Gwynn a report on the need to align water agreements with current standards and principles of international law, thereby increasing the prospects for sustainable development. Vick, M. J., `The Senegal River Basin: A Retrospective and Prospective Look at the Legal Regime`, 46 Natural Resources Journal (2006): 211-243.

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