Agreement Of Factory

دسته‌بندی نشده

۳٫ without prejudice to the universality of the above, Any person he represents at the moment, or refrains from exercising or obtaining, at the meeting of the members or directors of the company, without voting rights, to ensure that any resolution necessary or desirable to obtain the affairs of the company is carried out in accordance with this Agreement and, by other means, to fully implement the provisions of that agreement and to ensure that no resolution that does not comply with these provisions is adopted. 26. This agreement binds and benefits the parties and their respective beneficiaries and their respective beneficiaries, but any transfer of that agreement by one party is not effective without the written agreement of the other party. 19 years old. This agreement will remain in effect as long as both parties remain shareholders of the company in the manner above, unless it is denounced earlier, as provided below by written notification from one party to the other party of its intention to terminate this agreement: d. If one of the parties is, voluntarily or forcibly, in liquidation or associates with its creditors, or associates or acts in some way to substantially alter its business unit that it infringes on that joint venture and/or agreement; Or this legal document contains details like the name of the organization that wants to build the plant, the name of the construction company that builds the plant with the specifications of the plant that will be built with other important details. 21. The absence of one of the parties to insist on the strict and ad hoc application of the provisions of this agreement does not constitute a waiver or legal action against the exercise of the right to claim such a benefit, nor a waiver or Estoppel should, in any case, constitute a waiver or Estoppel with respect to a subsequent offence of a similar nature or in any other way. There is nothing in this provision that prevents a party from asserting its rights through remedies that are available in place of the denunciation of this agreement in accordance with point 18 above. 33. This agreement must be interpreted and enters into force in accordance with Indian law. B.

In the event that one of the parties violates one of the terms of this agreement, to the extent that it does. the other party requires in writing the other party to repair this violation within ninety (90) days from the date of notification, and the party receiving such notification has not resolved the infringement or, a) that it will apply the provisions of this Agreement in good faith and in the spirit in which it is carried out. 31. Any dispute and/or disagreement between the parties regarding this agreement, including Schedule A or obligations, powers or liabilities, or any of the parties under this agreement or the organization of a clause in this agreement or act or act or act of any result, either during the continuation of the agreement or after or after an act of one of the parties has been terminated or by any other means, a single arbitrator is referred to a single arbitrator, in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Arbitration Conciliation Act of 1996. 20. If one of the parties, as has been said, if the contracting party is aware of the termination of this contract, it offers the other party the sale of its shares in the company at fair value, and if the party receiving the above offer will not accept the offer itself or by its designated candidate or candidate within 90 days of the date of the above notification, the entity is considered to be in voluntary liquidation, in the event that a liquidator is appointed for the eventual dissolution of the company.

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